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IndiePulse Magazine Recognizes Sunflowers

March 15, 2023

Sunflowers won the Gold Award in the Freedom Category in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. 

Solitude, reflection…honesty was how American acoustic folk-singer and songwriter Will Diehl made his mark in this album… Known as a prolific writer, Diehl has also penned over a thousand songs that deal with love, relationships, environmental and social issues… influenced by styles and ideas prevalent in latter-day New York City…” – ”

— The Star (Malaysia)

Every now and then a particular artist strikes just the right chord in my soul. Well, I’ve just added Will Diehl to my list. I had not heard of this guy until recently. So after listening to his album a couple of times, I can tell you that each of these songs on “LOVE AND MOTION 1.0” strikes deep. There are some that strike deeper, maybe because they have some meaning to me or maybe it’s just because you can just feel what Diehl is singing. The album title has a “1.0” added because these are ‘supposedly’ first drafts, that have a ‘live’ sound mix. Diehl says that he was planning a more refined remix of the songs further on down the line.  I said ‘supposedly’, because I like them just the way they are, and think any remixing may compromise their candid authenticity. But that’s just my own personal, selfish opinion.  Will Diehl While he has uses his every-man soulful voice to provide an extra layer of honesty to his introspective alt-folk and country flavors, here Will Diehl also leans more directly to those jazz, rock and pop aspects of his approach. On his latest album, Diehl is in his sweet spot, one that will prompt the more interesting “Who does he sound like?” discussions.The truth is, he doesn’t sound quite like any other one artist, other than Will Diehl – although if you wrapped a couple of other singer-songwriters together you might come close. If under torture I was forced to choose just one voice that embodies a bit of Will Diehl’s persona, I’d have to go with Chris Rea – for timbre, tone and nonchalant offhandedness in his deliveries.Throughout “LOVE AND MOTION 1.0”, Diehl doubles down on his distinctive style, delivering a full sound without abandoning the elegant simplicity that sets him apart from everyone else. The best musicians know when not to play, and none of the added touches of violin, mandolin and saxophone violate that rule.The opener, “Beginning of Time”, is resplendent with violin inflections, and some brass lines reminiscent of something from the late, great Memphis Horns. Diehl’s acoustic playing sets him apart from the greats, even as he follows the silky trail they blazed.That comes through beautifully on a striking ballad called “Lost My Heart To You”, which he builds around a surprisingly elegant bass and saxophone riff, and on the tender and melodic “Safely Back”.  All of these songs showcase Will Diehl’s ability to explore complex arranging territory without abandoning the essential simplicity of acoustic goodness. They elevate an album that broadens the range of a singer-songwriter who will never be mistaken for anyone else. And how could he?How many artists do you know can go from the feel-good honkytonk of “Love Will Come Again” to the impassioned electric blues of “Motion (version 2)”, one track down, on the same album! Well to be honest, I can think of Eric Clapton, maybe Ry Cooder, and the late great J.J. Cale. But hey, that’s just a handful…of legends!Will Diehl stays true to his core warm acoustic alt-folk sound throughout the album, but keeps it interesting by including the influence of a variety of genres and styles. There is something to delight the ears of all roots music lovers. Overall Diehl’s soulful voice and emotive melodies make for a great easy listening session. “LOVE AND MOTION 1.0” will warmly embrace your spirit.”


"...Diehl also happens to be an accomplished musician who is coming out with some new, all-original music, adding to a catalog of dozens if not hundreds of original songs...."... More on the original news web site...”

Centre Daily Times

“Will Diehl has a nice sound… It is obvious from the start… that this guy knows his instrument well. The quality of his music is great, and would keep me listening even if it were just instrumental. Top that off with some good vocals… honest… in a way that inflects true soul within them, and that makes ‘True Love’ a keeper… This is the kind of song to listen to when you need a break from the world.”” - Gods of Music
Will's recording of Love and Motion 2.0 at Frigo Recording Studios.”

Mix Magazine

Love and Motion 1.0 is an eleven track album within the Singer-Songwriter folk genre from Will Diehl. It remains pretty clear through the entirety of this record that Will Diehl pays homage to the artists that have come before him, respecting such artists like Bob Dylan & Nick Drake. While this is a record that is all his own and by no means a tribute album; the inspiration from such artists are present, with the sound being mature and traditional. The lyrical themes are riding on a simplistic avenue but is sure to take you through adventurous realms within his creative mind.Through the music, you can feel that his gift has always been, perhaps even at that young age and like most creative minds, his genius lies at the forefront with his struggles. This is perhaps Diehl's most genuine release and is showcasing a bolder side of that creative mind. Not just as a musician, but perhaps as a poet as well." - Beyond The Record”

— Beyond The Record