Meditations (Remastered)

Will Diehl

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Sounds of Nature with music for meditation, yoga, and relaxing. Three volumes featuring thunderstorms, Maui surf, and Maui Upcountry in the morning.

Will Diehl – “Cafes”

AUGUSTA, GA – “… musicians should take note and have their live and intimate sets recorded. For Will Diehl, the idea was nothing short of fantastic, as he recorded songs in San

Sounds of Nature with music for meditation, yoga, and relaxing. Three volumes featuring thunderstorms, Maui surf, and Maui Upcountry in the morning.

Will Diehl – “Cafes”

AUGUSTA, GA – “… musicians should take note and have their live and intimate sets recorded. For Will Diehl, the idea was nothing short of fantastic, as he recorded songs in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, Nev., at the cafes Simple Pleasures, Sacred Grounds and Newsbreak. Diehl’s sound can be compared to folk and soft rock contemporaries such as Jim Croce, James Taylor and Don Henley, with hints of country and classic rock… In this set of acoustic songs, Diehl gives off a warm, folksy vibe through various topics, including the ups and downs of love (“Star Out Tonight,” “Running Away from Love”), and social commentary (“I Don’t Believe It”). Warm poetics flow through “Sunlight Dancing,” which features a surprise from a soulful harmonica, and real, flawless lyrical savvy. Overall, “Cafes” is a timeless piece of acoustic musicianship. ” – From the Metro Spirit, Augusta, GA; Issue #20.30 willdiehl9

Will Diehl has an atmospheric style with his guitar playing that should dazzle followers of folk music. His playing actually creates moods and pictures in your head. Real folk isn’t about unplugging rock & roll. Acoustic guitars can paint images that electric riffs can’t. No, it’s not that one is superior to the other, but if you want to chill, let the rolling waves of the imagination swirl in your mind, only the best folk will do. An unknown gem of an artist, Diehl has strips the flesh from his soul on I Am Free and exposes the feelings inside. It’s more of a journey than an actual listening experience. It feels like you’re travelling with him, walking on the beach and gazing at the clouds, reflecting on life and its share of loves and losses. “Real Love” is the pick here, gorgeously sung and performed. I Am Free by Karla Ash

“By the time you reach the third track on Will Diehl’s I Am Free CD, it’s too late – you’ve fallen under his spell. It’s not really his voice that strikes you (although the man can sing well), it’s the easygoing, relaxing vibes that come across from his acoustic guitar. On “Sunlight Dancing,” Diehl hypnotizes your ears without you even realizing what he has done. The strings create a web of enchantment. If there was a record made for rainy days, this would be it. This is the kind of LP that makes you want to look out the window as tears pour down from the clouds. No, not because it’s sad, but because it’s beautiful.” – Elizabeth Jacobsen at Alternative Rock Review

“Originally released in 1995, before the Internet explosion that enabled indie musicians to release and promote records on their own without being dependent on a label, this heartwarming folk record deserves a wider audience. Singer/songwriter Will Diehl is one of those artists who usually falls through the cracks. I have a library filled with them, in fact — talented musicians who, for one reason or another, haven’t gotten the widespread recognition they deserve.

Part of it has to do with marketing. This isn’t MTV fluff, nor is it an edgy work for college radio. Rather, it’s an easy listening record that gradually reveals its subtle charms. Recorded in the gloom and doom of the ’90s, this record speaks nothing of the decade it originated from. Diehl will most likely remind you of mellow rockers from the ’70s, like Dan Fogelberg and Bread.

The song titles (“You Are the Warmth,” “True Love,” “Real Love,” etc.) tell you what to expect. For those with no appetite for folk, Diehl won’t change your mind; however, only a person with a heart of stone could hate music this friendly and gentle. Diehl’s guitar playing is soothing and his voice goes down like warm milk in a thunderstorm.”

Kyrby Raine – Ink19

‘I Am Free’- Genre: ‘Folk’ – Release Date: ‘1995’ Our Rating: “Here is the one that got away.Originally released in 1995, Will Diehl’s “I Am Free” ( is an acoustic pop record that predates the current mania towards John Mayer and Jack Johnson. In other words, it is cloi am free CDser to country and classic rock than the post-alternative sounds of Mayer and his imitators. There’s no garbled phrasing or self-consciously quirky lines, just adult rock at its finest.Ironically, though, I kept thinking of who Diehl’s voice reminded me of, and it was none other than Glen Phillips of the alternative group Toad the Wet Sprocket, who had a string of crossover Top-40 hits in the early ’90s such as “All I Want.” However, Diehl’s lyrics are not from the underground nor do they have a collegiate bent. These are songs for grown-ups, especially couples in love.”You Are the Warmth” and “Real Love” are both hopelessly romantic, Adult Contemporary tracks that are devoid of the studio gloss which often mutes the emotions in this material. Less commercial and more artistic is “Sunlight Dancing,” its lovely, atmospheric guitars (you can almost imagine the rolling waves in the lyrics) complementing Diehl’s poetic words: “Moonlight on a mountain meadow/Gentle breeze through silken hair/Sky above of endless diamonds/Peaceful feeling everywhere.” Outstanding writing. To Diehl, a love for a woman is connected with his affection for nature; they go hand in hand, and “I Am Free” will liberate your soul from the hardships of a reality-bitten everyday existence. Bravo.” – Adam Harrington – Whisperin & Hollerin

“Diehl’s been compared to soft rock and acoustic artists like Jimmy Buffet, The Replacements, REM, and The Eagles.” – The Day, New London, CT

“Simple, positive original songs that you’ll find yourself singing days after the show” – KRZQ, Reno’s Alternative Rock Station

“High-energy, acoustic-driven anthems… The songs celebrate music and life– not attitudes and outfits. For this city, that’s almost avant-guard.” – T. Smith, Hotel Utah, San Francisco

“When I first heard this artist from Boston I was blown away…” – Americana Roots Radio

“A folky at heart, he has a pop sensibility and … seasoned voice that’s well suited to the Stephen Bishop/Jimmy Buffet-type material he pens.” – Reno Gazette Journal

“With a pleasingly raspy voice not unlike John Mellancamp’s, Will Diehl completely covers the Folk-Rock spectrum. Diehl’s haunting acoustic ballads could passs for a darkly-themed James Taylor.” – Listen.comanother time

“Diehl’s voice soars and glides through a vast array of politically correct, deeply personal and environmentally sound songs.” – The Review, Lake Tahoe

“This is a beautiful down tempo creation of one of the greatest pop/rock artists in” (review of Dream #3) – Ernesto Cortazar

“Solitude, reflection…honesty was how American acoustic folk-singer and songwriter Will Diehl made his mark in this album… Known as a prolific writer, Diehl has also penned over a thousand songs that deal with love, relationships, environmental and social issues… influenced by styles and ideas prevalent in latter-day New York City…” – The Star (Malaysia)

“This is beautiful. A simple vocal and guitar number with harmonica lines here and there… reminds me of The Beatles’ ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.’ (review of She Carried A Magic Lantern) – Shawn Rhodes (DJ @ NY’s WBAI 99.5 FM)

“He’s spent this year touring the country to promote his recently released solo CD ‘i am free’ – now he’s bringing it all back home. Diehl’s stripped-down acoustic style is reminiscent of Jim Croce; his lyrics more often than not deal with the ambiguities presented by life and love… One thing’s for certain: Will Diehl is the real deal.” – Reno News and Review

“With the release of his new solo CD, titled appropriately enough, ‘i am free’, … Will Diehl has revitalized his career as a solo performer. The … guitarist and singer has returned to a stripped down sound featuring raw acoustic elements, earthy voicing and occasional harmonica play, all of which serve as the unobtrusive supporting cast to the lyrical qualities of his songwriting talents.” – North Lake Tahoe Bonanza Newspaper

“The wonderful ‘She Carried A Magic Lantern’ reminds me of some Peter Gabriel work. A beautiful and suggestive ballad, taken from his ‘i am free’ CD.” – Songs for the Autumn Radio

“Singer-songwriter Will Diehl plans to donate 50 percent of his earnings … to the Hunger Project, a NY-based multinational organization devoted to fighting chronic hunger worldwide ( Diehl is starting his donation run with songs songs in the top 40 of’s acoustic charts.” – Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“Here is a masterpiece of guitar work mixed into a super love song. I’m glad somebody still writes’em like this. (True Love) – Acoustic Folk Songwriter’s Showcase

“Here is the new Will Diehl. Will Diehl used to be guitarist for a Lake Tahoe, Nevada band… playing the Roxy in Los Angeles and opening a benefit for Todd Rundgren… voted Lake Tahoe’s “best bestoflaketahoe_willdiehlmusician” for two consecutive years… As a solo act, Diehl performs all original contemporary folk and alternative music. He has written more than 1000 songs, dealing with love, relationships and environmental and social issues… some of Diehl’s musical inspirations were culled in … New York City Greenwich Village clubs… He then left for Boston, where he co-wrote a children’s musical that was produced by The Boston Children’s Theatre. He and director George Giglio co-wrote ‘The Amazing Musical Adventures of Herbert.’ – The Patriot News, Harrisburg, PA

“A catchy upbeat acoustic tune. Will has a very Springsteen-like sound.” – Acoustic Avenue Too

“Well crafted lyrics and excellent guitar work, Will is a true ‘Troubadour'” – Songwriter’s Choice Radio

“A beautiful melody and excellent singing from Will.” – PaisleyFace

“Very well played and mellow. Sincere lyrics and sung with sweet feelings. I can see why he is so popular at!” – Connie Zimmerman

“Experience Kama sutra in action, the essence of a sand spired cathedral… must be a homage to the Gods… Beautiful melodic interplay between a fretless bass and an old world relic stringed instrument… sounds like sitar… This track brings in the early sounds of a group called Tri-Atma… melting old world music and instruments with beefy Euro-Jazz.. They were all incredible musicians, muti-faceted in every realm, as is Will Diehl.” (review of ‘In The Shadow of the Great Cliff’) – Integrated Arts VIII Radio

“CSN&Y meet the Strawbs! Very Cool!” – Fearless_Freap, Alberta Canada

“Very nice melody with captivating lyrics.” – (I Hear A Spanish Guitar) – Net Audio Radio

dream3“…Piano backing with a catchy beat. His vocals take the forefront, though. Also a songwriter with tons of music.” (review of Gravity) – A1 Mellow Moods4u2 Radio

“I like the mood on this one. great vocals: melody, accuracy, lyrics… you sound like Steven Stills…” Number99 fr

“A Hint of Bob Dylan and old Simon and Garfunkel.” – porchdaddies, North Carolina

“Will Diehl has a nice sound… It is obvious from the start… that this guy knows his instrument well. The quality of his music is great, and would keep me listening even if it were just instrumental. Top that off with some good vocals… honest… in a way that inflects true soul within them, and that makes ‘True Love’ a keeper… This is the kind of song to listen to when you need a break from the world.” – GodsofMusic

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