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Will Diehl

Singer-songwriter | producer | author | artist | Educational & Multimedia consultant | educator

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New single out October 20, 2023

Available on all streaming platforms soon- check out our video preview of the song. This is a co-write with Swedish songwriter/producer Robert Mellblom. 


high desert moon: echoes of future dreams

New single out September 1, 2023

Piano, American Indian flute, and keyboards by singer-songwriter Will Diehl. The piano was recorded at The Kitchen Sink recording studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

 "The song adds mystical and futuristic elements to the music, implying that the setting is not just a physical location but also a metaphorical space where the past, present, and future intertwine. The song echoes a sense of reverberation, as if the dreams and aspirations of those who have come before can still be felt and heard. It creates an atmosphere of nostalgia and anticipation, where the dreams of the past are somehow connected to the aspirations and possibilities of the future."

"High Desert Moon: Echoes of Future Dreams" is a musical representation of a unique and otherworldly experience, capturing the ethereal beauty of a moonlit night in a desolate yet inspiring landscape, where the past and future merge in a wistful and enigmatic way." 

Songwriting collaboration with Richard Ibarguengoitia!

Arapaho Truths is now on PBS!

Night Dance

The New Single from Will Diehl

The new single will be out April 28, 2023! Sign up on Will's mailing list for more info! And you can check out the art here Night Dance Painting by Will Diehl - Fine Art America


Sunflowers Wins Gold in Mid-Atlantic Song Contest 2023!

Freedom category - Words and Music by Will Diehl

Springtime In My Heart

Honorable Mention in Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

2023 - Adult Contemporary Category

Words and Music Will Diehl, Andrew Rollins, and Will Diehl


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We Found Love - Single

words and music Will Diehl and ashley Barlow

New single release date January 20, 2023! Click here for more info and to save.  Will wrote this song with Canadian singer-songwriter Ashley Barlow. Ashley's music can be found on all music sites. Her Amazon music site is here. 


Christmas Comes To California Too (single)

Words and music Michael R. Gardner and Will Diehl

This new Christmas classic is available now on all music sites worldwide! 

All The Things We Wanted To Be

Riccardo criscenti and will diehl

Release date: December 9, 2022. This is a collaboration between Riccardo and Will. Riccardo passed away in January 2021 and Will produced this song from the demo that the two of them made after they finished writing the song. Riccardo's lead vocals grace the recording. He is missed. 


New Year Tomorrow

The new single by Anders Wihk and Will Diehl

The new single is out - December 23, 2022 worldwide.

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Good To Be Back Home

Magpie 16 and Ross Mounier

The new single is out on December 23, 2022. This is a collaboration with Magpie 16 and Ross Mounier.  More info coming soon! 


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